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advisory committee
Name Office E-Mail
Pam Brown CoE, School of Teaching & Curriculum Leadership
237 Willard
Bruce Crauder A & S, Dean’s Office
201D Life Sciences East
Carol Johnson SSB, Dean's Office
201 Business Bldg.
Bobbi Kay Lewis A&S, Dean's Office
201D Life Sciences East
Jim Meinkoth CVMS, Veterinary Pathobiology
225 McElroy Hall
Shiretta Ownbey HS, Dean’s Office
109 HES
Jane Swinney Design, Housing and Merchandising
445 HS
Jane Vogler CoE, School of Applied Health & Educational Psychology
424 Willard Hall
Paul Weckler CASNR, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
116 Ag Hall
William Weeks CASNR, Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership
448 Ag Hall
Rick Wilson SSB, Management Science & Information Systems
408 Business Building