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cable tv

Get cable TV in your office

If there is a cable outlet in your office, getting it activated is easy. If there isn’t already an outlet, you or your department will have to turn in a work order to Facilities Management to have one installed. Once an outlet is in place and you have a TV set ready to be connected, simply contact ITLE Special Projects Manager Sam Welch. The e-mail should include your name, contact phone number, and what days and times of the week someone will be available to allow the technician access to the room. There is a monthly charge for the service (see FY-18 rates below) that may be charged to a departmental account or your Bursar account. Please specify the account number in the e-mail.
Basic Cable $ 8.20
HDTV w/DVR $ 35.00

Report a problem with campus cable TV

While cable outages do not occur often, weather and electrical problems do occasionally cause brief outages. Cable TV reporting is divided into 4 areas:
  1. Main Campus: If your signal is lost for more than a couple of minutes, contact Sam Welch. ITLE coordinates all outages with the cable company, and will work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
  2. Atherton Hotel: Contact the Front Desk
  3. Residence Halls: Report problems directly at
  4. Athletic Facilities: Contact John Tanner

Know what channels are available on the cable?

If you are thinking about getting cable, or just want to know what channels are available, follow this link to a recent channel listing. Sometimes the cable company changes channels without warning, so if you notice any errors, please contact Sam Welch.

Display cable TV in my classroom?

Many classrooms are equipped with a cable outlet, but not all have a tuner and a monitor or video projector. If you are using a multimedia-equipped classroom and need help in getting cable TV displayed, call ITLE at 744-1000 and ask for Classroom Technology Support Services (CTSS) or contact Jeremy McCully. If you are using a classroom with no tuner or video display, CTSS can also help with that by loaning you the appropriate technology for your special classroom event.

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