Purpose: The purpose of this form is to demonstrate course equivalency for online and blended courses at Oklahoma State University. Approval is required at the initial online or blended course offering and each time substantive changes are made. Once approved, sections of the same instructional method may be added to the class schedule in the term requested and future semesters without a Deviation form required.

Definitions: Online courses are those that are taught exclusively online with no face-to-face class meetings. Online courses may require proctored exams at approved sites that do not require the student to come to campus. If instruction is delivered online but exams or other components of the course require face-to-face meetings with students, the course should be categorized as blended/hybrid instead of online. Blended courses (also referred to as hybrid courses) are those that utilize both online and traditional face-to-face modes of instructional delivery, and the scheduled in-class meeting time for the course is reduced to account for the online instructional component.

Course Length:  By policy, undergraduate courses are limited to a maximum of 1.5 credit hours per week and graduate courses are limited to 1.0 credit hours per week. If a new online or blended course duration/length is desired in the future, the department may submit a new Online and Blended/Hybrid Course Form with supporting details, or they will be required to file a Deviation Form for every section of the course.

Initiating Department: 

Submitted by: 

Course prefix, Number : 

Course Title : 

Initial Semester and Year: 

Number of credits(if 0 ending course): 

Course Description: A brief description of the course that, at a minimum, includes the University Catalog description: 

Instructional Method (check all that apply):

Course Length (Select all that apply):
16 weeks
8 weeks
4 weeks
3 weeks
2 weeks
Other (please specify)

Please attach the following course information for each Course Length selected:

  • Course Description:  A brief description of the course, that at a minimum, includes the University Catalog description.

  • Course Schedule: A course calendar that identifies the blended/hybrid or online schedule and planned instruction for each Course Length selected. For blended/hybrid courses, list the scheduled dates, meeting times, and days planned for face-to-face/traditional instruction.

Approval of Online Delivery:

Department Head Signature:  Date: 

Academic Dean/Designee Signature:  Date: 

University Online Education Director:  Date: 

Routed/signed course approval forms are due to the Online Education Coordinator by
October 1 for Spring semester courses and March 1 for Summer and Fall semester courses.
After all approvals, please forward to Registrar to image document.

May 2017