June Teaching with Technology Symposium

The Oklahoma State University Teaching with Technology Symposium is a multidisciplinary event focusing on highlighting the most innovative, effective, and engaging uses of technology to enhance the learning experience in college classrooms. The Symposium Committee is seeking proposals from OSU instructors who use technologies in their classrooms currently and can discuss their rationale for using said technologies, demonstrate how they are implemented and used, and speak to their effectiveness in increasing student engagement and student success. Instructors are invited to present regardless of the type of class they teach whether traditional face-to-face, online, hybrid, flipped, or any other method.

The Committee Invites proposals that...

  • Highlight new and innovative technologies being used in college classes to impact student learning

  • Explore ways in which technologies have been utilized to enhance college classrooms

  • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement

  • Present evidence based on personal experience in addition to research

Presentation titles should be descriptive of the content of the session. Priority will be assigned to proposals by instructors who are currently using, or have recently implemented, technologies to enhance their classroom rather than proposals that examine and highlight possible use-case scenarios for technologies.

Proposals should include a one-paragraph description of the session and include language that addresses the technology or technologies the instructor is going to discuss or demonstrate, the type of classroom in which it has been implemented, and evidence showing the impact the technology has had on student learning and engagement.

The Symposium will occur in Willard Hall. All presenter rooms will be equipped with a computer, projector, and speakers for audio. Special technology requests should be noted in the Proposal but listed separately from the Description.

Please submit proposal ideas via email to ITLE or Simon Ringsmuth
Proposals are due by Friday, June 16.
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