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Engineering Dept.
Engineering provides technical support for all aspects of communications. From communication systems design, management, and operation, to project coordination and equipment integration and renovation, Engineering offers a broad range of services to accommodate the needs and provide solutions for ITLE and Oklahoma State University.

Engineering Services
  • Maintain Telecommunications Center facility
  • Design, install, and maintain distance learning facilities
  • Perform bridging for distance learning classes, conferences and special events
  • Video stream encoding of classes
  • Media duplication and conversion
  • VBrick administration and integration
  • Maintain Television Production facilities
  • Operate and maintain Satellite Teleport
  • Project coordination for OSU and associated agencies and organizations
  • Management, processing, routing, and quality control of network signals
  • Provide technical support for faculty, staff, conference participants, OSU colleges, Branch Campuses, other State and Federal agencies
  • Administer and maintain campus cable television network
  • Coordinate communications with State agencies and divisions
  • Equipment specification, maintenance, repair, custom fabrication and application
  • Participate in long range campus planning
  • Immediate technical support

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