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Production Department

  • Brad Meltzer interview
  • Lithography discussion
  • TEDX
  • 2016 Euphoria Fashion Show
  • Writing Out Loud

ITLE can assist you in the development of your course materials by providing recordings of your classes for encoding and posting on your class web pages. Our production staff excels in getting your class, workshop or presentation completed with the option of several different video formats that you can use in a variety of ways. We also offer the ability to record and edit video supplements for your classroom presentation. These short "vignettes" are recorded and edited to your specifications and can be used in traditional classroom settings to add a visual element to the instruction. The ITLE Production Department also excels in producing high-end, broadcast quality programming of all types including interviews, instructional segments and award-winning full length programs.

  • High Definition Production
  • 4K Production
  • Multiple Tape Recording Formats
  • CD and DVD Recording
  • Videotape Conversion
  • CD and DVD Duplication
  • Web Cam Presentations
  • Computer-Based Editing Systems
  • Graphics, Video and Audio Combined into a single presentation
  • Standards Conversion to and from VHS
  • Audio Only Presentation
  • Video Captioning

Studio Facilities
  • Controlled Studio Environment
  • Green Screen for Computer Compositing
  • Overhead Camera
  • Document Camera
  • Online Access
  • Instructor Console
  • Interview Set
  • Large Floor Space
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Large Group Presentations
  • Multiple Format Recording
  • Encoding

Location Taping
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Lab Sessions
  • Large Lecture Sessions
  • Non-Traditional Classroom Sessions
  • Instructional Presentations
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Multiple Cameras Available
  • Effective Lighting in Difficult Situations or Specialized Environments
  • Wireless Microphones

If it is not listed, chances are we can still help! Please call: 405-744-1000

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