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Teleconferencing Services Dept.

Shattering the Limits of Space and Time.

The Conferencing Services department at ITLE specializes in live interactive two-way video and audio conferences from sites across the globe or just across the hall.

"Videoconferencing is the next best thing to teleportation!"

Not only can we connect two geographically separated sites together live, we can connect a number of sites together live into a large interactive collaborative multi-site conference. Our MCU bridge can currently hold up to 72 simultaneous sites.

We also specialize in providing OSU with resources and services associated with their videoconference enhanced distance learning classrooms.

ITLE has helped OSU be a leader in providing distance learning courses and degree programs to business, industry, and educational institutions for over thirty years. Using advanced videoconferencing and video streaming technologies, the ITLE conferencing services department can help you and OSU connect to locations and classrooms throughout the world.

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