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Turning Technology Clickers at OSU


Clicker Support number: 405-744-1000
Email us at: itle@okstate.edu


What some of our faculty say about Clickers ?

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Dr. Udaya DesilvaDr. William PickingDr. Stephen Clarke
Associate ProfessorProfessor and HeadAssociate Professor
Department of Animal SciencesDepartment of Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsDepartment of Nutritional Sciences
Using Clickers for Assessment andImplementing the "Flipping the Classroom" ModelIncreasing Student Engagement Using
Attendance in an Early Morning Class by Using Online Videos and Clickersa Clicker App for Smartphones

How do I get started using Clickers?
First 3 steps to using Turning Technology Clickers
  1. Inform the book store about the adaptation of clickers.
  2. Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act, Institutions are required to identify all course costs for students at the time of enrollment. Please include the cost incurred by the student along with the text book information that you provide to SIS.
  3. Contact thrupth@okstate.edu for your instructor kit. This is required to take polls within the classroom.
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