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Brightspace - Getting Started

Below are the answers to some common questions that can help you get started with Brightspace.

What is Brightspace?

In Fall 2016, Oklahoma State moved its online learning management system (i.e. D2L) to a cloud-based version of the software called: Brightspace by D2L.

Where are my old courses?

Courses from Summer 2016 and before will stay in the original D2L system, which will remain active for the foreseeable future, and can be accessed at its normal web address:

What is different in Brightspace?

The interface has been kept similar to the original D2L system to ease the transition, however, please note the changes listed in the video above.

What is a CRN and Where can my course's CRN be found?

Rather than section numbers, our new student information system (i.e. Banner) uses a unique 5-digit CRN number to distinguish each section of a course. The video above demonstrates where to find them.

How do I transfer previous course materials to Brightspace?

First export everything from the original course. Second, save the resulting zip file to your computer. Finally import that same file into the corresponding course in Brightspace. The video above demonstrates the process step-by-step.

How do I combine different sections in Brightspace?

To have multiple sections combined into a single section in Brightspace, send an email to Please include your name and CWID and the CRNs of the course sections to be combined. When a combined section is created the individual sections are removed from Brightspace. Materials uploaded to these sections may be lost.

How do I add a TA or fellow faculty member to my course?

Faculty can add students or fellow faculty members as TA's or Course Builders in their class by using the Add Participants button on the Classlist.

Faculty or TAs with a question concerning Brightspace can contact our Faculty D2L Team at
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