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Brightspace - A New Look

On June 1st a new look & feel was introduced for Brightspace by D2L. This new look allows for the site to be fully accessible to both desktops and mobile devices while retaining all of the original functionality.

New Look & Feel Overview

A tour of the new layout, and examples of how the interface retains continuity across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Accessing Courses

A comparison of the traditional Brightspace layout vs. the new "Makeover" layout, and how to locate and access courses in the layout.

Understanding the New Navigation Bar

An explanation of how the Navigation Bar functions in the new interface, and an explanation of the logic behind the changes. Also, a demonstration of how the navigation bar grows and shrinks to fit the size of the screen (desktop, laptop, mobile) being used to access Brightspace.

Customizing the Navigation Bar

How to edit the Navigation Bar to contain a specific set of links that are suited to an individual course, and how to rename a Navigation Bar to more accurately reflect its contents.

Creating Custom Link Groups in the Navigation Bar

Creating groups of links to make a Navigation Bar cleaner and more streamlined, and reordering a list of custom links so the links appear in the proper place.

Faculty or TAs with a question concerning Brightspace can contact our Faculty D2L Team by email at or by phone at 405 744-1000.
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