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Brightspace Updates

Update: 05/30/2017


D2L Interface Update:   Brightspace will be getting a new, mobile-friendly interface design starting June 1st, 2017. An improved mobile experience was the top requested feature among students in our most recent D2L usage survey. The new interface will scale automatically to fit screens for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Update: 06/07/2016


D2L Version Update:   Classes from Fall 2016 and onward will be available on the new cloud-based version known as Brightspace by D2L. This version wil become available to faculty on June 15th, 2016. You can access this by using the single sign-on system at and choosing the Brightspace service (alternate link here). A video explaining the new system can be found here.

The new Brightspace system will not contain previously taught courses. Those will continue to be housed at If you have content that needs to be migrated into the new system there is a video explaining the process here.

Update: 05/01/2015


D2L Version Update:   D2L will be upgraded from version 10.3 to version 10.4 to provide functionality and stability improvements. D2L services will be unavailable from 8:00 AM till 7:00 PM Friday, May 15th. Please plan accordingly.

Update: 07/16/2014


D2l Version Update:   The update to D2L version 10.3 on June 23rd. was successful and completed early. No major technical issues have been found. If you experience an issue please report it to
A summary of the changes and new features can be found in our D2L v10.3 Changes document.

Update: 06/11/2014


D2L Version Update:   D2L will be upgraded from version 10.1 to version 10.3 to provide functionality and stability improvements. D2L services will be unavailable from 7:00 AM Monday, June 23rd till 7:00 PM Tuesday, June 24th. Please plan accordingly.

Update: 03/12/2014

Known Issue

Blank Pop-Windows in Chrome:   The most recent version of the Google Chrome browser (v32) has introduced an issue in which, after a long load time, pop-up windows in D2L will load a blank window instead of normal options or information. Desire2Learn Inc. has identified this as a bug within the Chrome browser. Dumping the browser cache or opening the same content in a new window will often produce a temporary fix. We recommend using the Firefox browser until Google has a release that resolves the issue.

Update: 02/13/2014

Known Issues Resolved

Frame Resizing in Chrome:   A new version of the Google Chrome browser (Chrome 32) has been released that corrects the problem resizing frames in D2L's Discussions & Quiz section. Updating to the newest version of Chrome will remove this issue.

Respondus 4.0 Campus:   The SOAP issue that prevented users from uploading or downloading quiz information using the Respondus 4 Campus software has been resolved.

Update: 12/02/2013

Known Issues

Internet Explorer Compatibility:   There are issues with logging in or downloading files using the newest release of Internet Explorer (IE 11). Users are recommended to use the Firefox browser until Desire2Learn can release a patch to deal with the changes in IE 11.

Frame Resizing in Chrome:   Users are unable to resize webpage frames in the current version of the Google Chrome browser (Chrome 31). This is especially evident with the frames used in discussion topics. The next version of Chrome that is currently in Beta testing (Chrome 32) should resolve this issue. Until the next version is released users can cause message to display in a separate, pop-up window by clicking on the Settings icon under Dissussions and then unchecking the "Show the preview pane" checkbox.

Known Issue Resolved

D2L iPad Apps:   The authentication issue with the D2L Grader and Binder iPad apps has been resolved. Users can now log in to these apps using the login information from their normal D2L accounts.

Update: 09/19/2013

Known Issues

Importing Grades:   The appropriate naming convention for columns with selectbox grade item data in imported CSV files has changed. The appropriate column name is now "column name Grade Symbol". In previous versions this may have been "column name Scheme Symbol."

D2L iPad Apps:   There is a known issue with the D2L Grader and Binder iPad apps. This issue keeps users from logging it to our D2L server. The Desire2Learn corporation technicians are currently working on a solution, though there is currently no ETA for the patch. As ITLE learns more it will be released here.

Update: 08/22/2013

Known Issue Update

Video Display:   Some embedded videos and other content are not displaying. This occurs when the embedded content is coming from a normal connection (http://) but is embedded on secure pages (https://) such as is used by D2L. This is not a D2L bug but the way that the browsers handle mixed (https & http) page content. Below are known workarounds for this problem.

  1. Most browsers will warn the user when they are about to block mixed content. Click on "Show All Content" or in Internet Explorer, if asked if you want to view only secured content click "No".

    To show mixed content in Firefox use the instructions here:
  2. Change the settings in D2L so that the embedded content opens in a new window.
  3. If an https version of the content exists change the link to use the https version.

Update: 08/09/2013

Known Issues

Browser Compatibility Issues:   The new "Drag & Drop" content feature in D2L 10.1 is not supported by Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5 or earlier versions. We are looking into Internet Exploer 10 and Safari 6 compatibility. Currently Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome are the recommended browsers.

Video Display:   There is a known issue with embedded videos not publishing in D2L or not diplaying properly. This is currently being investigated. Until a solution can be reached we recommend creating a link to video content rather than embedding it into a D2L webpage.

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