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Turning Point Cloud Help Page

About Turning Point Clickers:

Whether you’re teaching, training or presenting, TurningPoint improves the success of your learners. The easy-to-use polling software provides enhanced tools to engage with your audience and identify their understanding. TurningPoint gathers detailed reports for meaningful, decision-making data important to you and your teaching.

Overview about TurningPoint Cloud - Video

System Requirements - Webpage [Click on Tech Specs]

Before the Class:

Step 1.0 : Set up clicker registration Link in Brightspace - PDF

Step 1.1 : Set up Turning Point Cloud Account – PDF

Step 1.2: Update Cloud Software - PDF

Step 2.0: Email students on how to set up their device/Responseware - PDF

Step 3.0: Create Participation List by Integrating with Brightspace - PDF

Step 3.1: How to update your participant list - PDF

Step 4.0: How to check if students have registered successfully - PDF

Step 4.1: PowerPoint Polling PC
     Building the slide - PDF, Video
     PowerPoint polling Mac -
     Building the slide – PDF, Video

During the Class: Faculty can choose Power Point Polling or Anywhere Polling.

Note: Log in to Responseware and provide students with session ID if your students are using the app.

Step 5.0: PowerPoint Polling PC – Running the Slide - PDF,Video

Step 5.0: Anywhere Polling –
     Running a Poll - PDF,Video
     Editing a session – Video (Optional)

Step 5.0: Take Attendance in Anywhere Polling - PDF (Optional)
     Take Attendance in PowerPoint Polling -PDF (Optional)

After the Class:

Step 6.0: Export Grades to Brightspace -PDF,Video

Step 6.0: Generate report for Attendance –PDF
     NOTE:Attendance session cannot be uploaded to Grades. But, you may        generate reports to see who attended class.

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