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Course Observation & Assessment

The Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ITLE) offers in-class teaching observation for both faculty and teaching assistants (TAs). ITLE instructional designers work with faculty, TAs, and departments to provide constructive feedback meant to help instructors consider various aspects of teaching and learning. Classroom observations, student focus groups, and mid-term evaluations can be customized to meet instructors' needs. This process is intended to have formative value by providing ongoing and constructive feedback.

Analysis of one's teaching, particularly when conducted in a collaborative, professional manner can provide faculty an opportunity to improve instruction. The purposes of the teaching observation are to:

  • Clarify and connect the instructor's teaching styles and philosophies to support effective student learning outcomes.
  • Provide constructive and ongoing feedback to the instructor.
  • Affirm what works well and provide instructional resources for continued professional growth.

  • Pre-conference: The instructor meets with ITLE instructional designers to discuss the goals of the observation.
  • Observation: During a mutually convenient time, instructional designers conduct the course observation noting items related to the predetermined goals. As part of the observation process, instructors may choose to have instructional designers gather student feedback in writing and/or through student focus groups.
  • Post-conference: Following the observation, instructional designers provide faculty with constructive feedback based on the observation.
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