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Multimedia Equipment Checkout

Equipment available for checkout includes Blu-ray players, DVD VCR players, televisions, closed-caption unit, video projectors, projection screens, audio players/recorders, portable PA systems, camcorders, 16mm projectors, 35mm slide projectors, overhead projectors, opaque projectors, tripods, easels, carts and many other items.

Audiovisual equipment may be borrowed by contacting the CTSS main office at 744-7155. Equipment may be delivered to a departmental office, satellite office or picked up at our location.

In addition, some types of equipment may be checked out through our satellite center located in Classroom Building 117. This equipment is short-term use and must be used in the Classroom Building.

Note: There will be a charge for non-academic use of CTSS equipment and services. Contact the CTSS main office at 744-7155 for details.

  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Recorder
  • DVD/VHS Recorder
  • DVD Player
  • VHS Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)
  • CD Recorder
  • CD Player
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Audio Cassette Recorder (Mono)

  • Digital Camcorder – (Mini DV Tape)
  • Camcorder Tripod Stand
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Hi8 Camcorder
  • Wireless Microphone for Camcorder
  • Video Document Camera

  • 20" Color Television
  • 6ft Tripod Projection Screen
  • 8ft Tripod Projection Screen
  • 9' X 9' Box Projection Screen
  • Portable Video Projector
  • 16mm Film Projector
  • Portable Overhead Projector
  • Standard Overhead Projector
  • Microphone Stands

  • Microphone - Wired
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone
  • PA System w/ Two Speakers & Wired Mic
  • Tripods Stands for PA Speakers
  • Small Portable PA w/Microphone and MP3 port
  • News Bridge - Audio DA

  • Portable Presentation Easel w/White Board
  • Flip Chart Pads for Presentation Easel
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