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Oklahoma State University provides the Respondus LockDown Browser available to all faculty & students, and the Respondus 4 Campus test creation tool available to all faculty & staff. If you questions, issues, or simply want to seek out more information on these tools call ITLE at 744-1000 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions:
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  1. What is Respondus LockDown Browser and Where do I get it?
    Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized web browser that increases the security of the testing environment in Desire2Learn.

    When students use the LockDown Browser to access a quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, access other applications, or close a quiz until it is submitted for grading.

    Video Explaining LockDown Browser's Use in D2L

    Students & faculty can download the LockDown Browser here:

  2. How can the LockDown Browser be used with D2L?

    There are two ways to create a quiz that will require the students to take the quiz in the LockDown Browser.

    • Create the quiz in D2L and enable the Respondus functionality that requires a student to take the quiz in the Respondus Lockdown Browser.
    • The second way is to create the quiz using the Respondus software and export the quiz into D2L.

    Method 1 - Create the quiz in D2L and enable the Respondus functionality.
    1. Using a standard web browser, log into Desire2Learn as an instructor.
    2. Select “Quizzes”.
    3. Identify the quiz and select the link to edit the settings.
    4. Select the “Restrictions” tab.
    5. Under the “Security Options” section select the checkbox that requires the Respondus LockDown Browser for the quiz
    6. Provide students with the installation link -
    7. Students can look through and find instructions to download the software.
    Method 2 - Create the quiz using the Respondus software and then import it into D2L.
    1. Contact to receive your password and installation instructions.
    2. Download Respondus from
    3. View a 5 minute clip here on how to create a quiz in Respondus and export it into D2L.
  3. Can I attach files or use web links in LockDown quizzes?
    External web pages and attached media & text files can be used in quizzes taken with the LockDown Browser. See the comments below for specific issues.

    External Web Pages:
    If an exam contains a link to an external website, LockDown Browser will open the link in a new window. However, students cannot navigate any further. Any links or search functions included on the linked page will be disabled.

    Audio & Video Media Files:
    If an exam includes audio or video files, LockDown Browser will allow students to listen or view the file just as with a normal browser. Many services, such as YouTube, offer code for "embedding" their content. An embedded media file will appear in a small window, including control buttons such as play and stop, within the test question.

    Other Attached Files:
    Instructors can include attached files with an online test. Simply make the file available via a link and it will open in a new window during the exam.

    Note: Most PDF viewers include functions to save and print a PDF. If you want to prevent this, create the PDF using security settings that prohibit printing and saving in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Where can students use LockDown Browser if they don't have a computer?

    Oklahoma State has installed the Respondus LockDown Browser in several computer labs around campus. These labs are available for students to use for "take home" online quizzes and tests as well as to work on other class related projects and papers

    • Ag Hall 266
    • Bennett 019
    • Business Building public computer lab
    • Colvin 192 (Only available on 5 computers)
    • Gundersen public computer lab
    • Kerr Drummond Mezzanine
    • Willard 002 (Only available on 5 computers)
    • Willard 007a (Only available on 5 computers)
    • All CEAT Labs

    The following labs can be reserved for instructors to proctor in class online quizzes, including use of the LockDown Browser.

    • Classroom Building 407 (25 computers available)
    • Classroom Building 408 (22 computers available)
    • Math Sciences 108 (62 computers available)
    † CLB 407 & 408 can be reserved simultaneously.

    To reserve these rooms contact:

    Garry Morgan
    Computer Lab Supervisor
  5. Text fields are black when using the LockDown Browser
    Recent updates to the Apple webkit causes an incompatibility with older versions of the LockDown Browser on Macintosh computers. This incompatibility causes single-line text fields to appear solid black. To remedy this problem install the latest version of the Respondus LockDown Browser.

    Download the newest version of the LockDown Browser here:

    For any questions please contact Faculty Support (744-1000).

  6. Pages load very slowly when using the LockDown Browser
    At each page load the LockDown Browser must check to ensure that disallowed applications have not been launched. On Windows computers, if a student has installed a large number of applications over time this can result in huge numbers (sometimes 100+) of "helper applications" running in the background. Checking such a large number of applications can lead to a significant slowing of the LockDown Browser.

    The latest update to the Windows version of LockDown Browser (version resolves this particular issue. However, please note that high server load and low bandwidth are still the most common reasons for slowdowns.

    To ensure that you are using the latest version of the LockDown Browser, please see the "How do you check for a newer version of LockDown Browser?" FAQ entry below.

  7. How do you check for a newer version of LockDown Browser?
    It is highly recommended that the newest version of LockDown Browser be used when taking tests.

    To check for the latest version of LockDown Browser on your personal machine:

    1. Start Respondus LockDown Browser and either click the (i) button in the toolbar (on Windows machines) or click the "About" button (on Macintosh).
    2. Click "Check for Newer Version".
    3. Follow the on screen prompts for updating the LockDown Browser client.

    If using a computer in an OSU computer lab you may not have sufficient permissions to update this yourself. Please contact that lab's manager and request that he update the LockDown Browser software.

  8. What is Respondus 4.0?
    Respondus 4.0 is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Desire2Learn and other eLearning systems.

    Product page for Respondus 4.0

  9. How do I install Respondus 4.0?
    Installing Respondus is done in two steps:
    1. Email to receive a product activation key.
    2. Download the most recent version of Respondus here.
  10. What is the Respondus Test Bank Network?
    The Respondus Test Bank Network is a free resource for instructors who use the Respondus 4.0 test creation tool. An instructor can access the test bank network and request a publisher's test bank for the textbooks being used in their course. Currently over two dozen publishers are participating in the Respondus Test Bank Network.

    ◊ Introductory Video

    To use the Test Bank Network:
    1. Search for your test bank at
    2. Submit the online request form to receive the access code from the publisher within 5 business days.
    3. Register the test bank in your Respondus 4.0 application.
  11. Tutorials, User Guides, and other Information

    Contact information:
    If you want to use this software or learn more about these tools, please email:

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