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  1. How do Faculty and Staff get started?
    To get a Turnitin Account please email our Turnitin Administrator ( You will contacted with your username and password to log into

    Note: Faculty are no longer required to have a Turnitin account to use the service on papers that have been submitted via D2L. However, an account is necessary to submit papers outside of the Online Classroom (i.e. D2L) system.

  2. How do I enable Turnitin in my D2L dropbox?
    1. Go to Dropbox in the navigation bar
    2. Select New Folder
      (NOTE: Dropboxes do not have to be new to enable Turnitin, existing dropboxes can be modified by editing the folder.)
    3. Give your dropbox a name -- usually the name of the assignment
    4. Check the box labeled Plagiarism Detection
    5. Fill in additional fields as necessary
    6. Modify Plagiarism Detection Options as necessary
  3. HELP! I forgot my password.
    Go to and click on "Retrieve Password".
    Or click here.
  4. Create a Class
    1. Click on the "add a class" button on your homepage.
    2. Enter a name and enrollment password for the class.
    3. Use the date pull down menus to set the class end date.
    4. Click "submit" to create the class.

    Additional Information:

    • Students will need the seven digit class id and enrollment password to enroll in a class. The class id will be listed to the left of the class name on the instructor's homepage.
    • Class enrollment passwords are case sensitive.
    • For information on adding sections or TAs to classes please read our article on creating master classes and sections.
    • For information on assignment creation, please view our article on creating assignments.
    • For information on using Quick Submit to submit papers as an instructor without creating classes or assignments, please view our article on Quick Submit.
    • For more information on getting started using Turnitin, please view our quick start training videos.

  5. Modify Dates for an Assignment
    1. Click on the class name.
    2. Click on the "More actions" pull down menu and select "Edit settings" to the right of the assignment's name.
    3. Select the new date and time from the pull down menus for the date you would like to modify.
    4. Click submit to finalize the changes.
  6. Additional Training Materials
  7. How Does GradeMark help faculty?
    With the Turnitin upgrade on May 25th, 2012, faculty can access the GradeMark feature.
    What features does GradeMark have?
    • Faculty can edit and grade papers online
    • Easier to give feedback to students that will help them enhance their writing skills
    • GradeMark Write Mode:
      • In this mode, faculty can add/edit comment by clicking anywhere on the paper.
      • Faculty can add a rubric to the mark that links to more information
    • Previously entered rubrics can also be edited.
    • GradeMark Read Mode:
      • Students can go through the comments and rubrics via a scrollable, anchored list.
      • Colors have been used for highlighting the comments and the rubrics so the student can easily find them.
    • “Jump to next mark” tool helps the student to move from one comment to the other on the paper.

    Click here to view a downloadable GradeMark Overview PDF.

  8. How can I leave voice comments from within D2L using GradeMark?
    Video explaining how to access the GradeMark voice comments feature from within your D2L course
  9. GradeMark Video Tutorial
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