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VBrick FAQs

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  1. Access Procedures

    Login to VBrick at:

    VBrick Login Page:
    VBrick Logon Page
    Students and Faculty must login using their O-KEY username and password.

    Password: ********

    Once you are logged in, you will receive a screen like this:
    VBrick Intro Page

    All recorded classes will show up in this schedule. Click on the link you wish to view.
    Remember it may take up to 24 hours for a file to post to the server

  2. Login Problems
    Use your full e-mail address as your login:
    In order to log into Vbrick you must use your full OKEY user name - i.e.

    Recent Okey password change: Please allow up to 24 hours for a new OKEY password change to propagate and work within the VBrick system.

  3. Error: You Don't Have Permission to View This Type of Video
    This is a error that is received when you are on the Live Broadcasts page. Simply click on the “ASSET LIBRARY” tab to access the on-demand videos of your course.
  4. Wrong Versions of Media Player
    You must have the most current version of Windows Media Player.

    Please use this link to get it:

  5. Cookies
    You may have to delete your browser's cookies in order to view the most recent content. In Internet Explorer 8, go to Safety > Delete Browsing History (or Ctrl + Shift + Del), make sure "Cookies" is checked, then click "Delete".
  6. Browser Prompts to Install ActiveX Controls and Software
    You will see a yellow bar at the top of the page and a white video screen under the words "Now Playing" asking you to install ActiveX controls.

    You must install all the required Active X controls that you are prompted to install. This can be several installs (about 4) per page. However, once all the ActiveX controls are installed, you should not need to install anything else.

  7. Why is my video not showing up?
    It may take up to 24 hours before a video is posted. If it has been fewer than 24 hours, please check back later.

    Additionally, make sure the Media tab is selected and not the Live Media tab. OSU does not provide Live Media on VBrick at this time.

  8. Videos not in calendar order?
    If a playlist has been created in an account then videos will appear in the order specified in the playlist. A video can even appear multiple times if it was given multiple entries in the playlist. Removing the playlist should return the videos to the default calendar order.

    This problem often occurs when multiple people are using a common log-in name and password. If one person creates a playlist then it will appear for everyone who logs in with those same credentials. To avoid this each person should log in with their proper OSU email credentials.

  9. VBrick on Macs
    The VBrick system works fine with both Firefox and Safari on G5 Mac computers. However, users with Intel-based Macs are recommended to use Boot Camp and use Internet Explorer in the Windows OS to access the videos. Boot Camp is built in to the newer OSes from Apple. You may also use VMware or Parallels to run Windows, which are sold separately.
  10. If Nothing Else Works...
    Please contact the OSU IT helpdesk at or (405) 744-HELP. You can also visit their website at
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