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Camtasia Screen Recording

ITLE recommends the use of Camtasia software for recording lectures, demonstrations, news updates, and other video content. These can often be done from any computer with a webcam and do not require special hardware or editing skills. Camtasia can be purchased online and ITLE does not have a purchasing license. You may want to check with your department if they have a registration key that can be used for installing on your computer. This video discusses some of the basic elements of creating a screen-capture video as well as more advanced techniques such as removing backgrounds and using dedicated microphones for increased audio quality. Video

The following video demonstrates all the steps necessary to plan and record a basic PowerPoint-style screen capture video: Video

After recording a screen-capture video in Camtasia, the software can be used to edit and streamline the production in order to remove mistakes and trim unnecessary content: Video

Sharing screen-capture videos can be done in a few different ways. While the preferred option is always to use the OSU Streaming Media services, other solutions are available such as To use the OSU Streaming Media server option please contact the IT administrator in your college for instructions on how to save your videos and get links to send to your students. Video

ITLE has a Camtasia room available for faculty who do not have access to software and hardware to do their own recordings. This room is located on the third floor of the PIO building and can be reserved by contacting ITLE at