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Teaching with Technology Symposium

Overview *** The second annual OSU Teaching with Technology Symposium will bring together college professors, staff, and instructional designers from around the region who are eager to explore the role that technology can play in enhancing education and engaging students. Presenters at the Symposium will be a variety of instructors who are currently using various technologies in their classes, and attendees will have the opportunity to see these technologies firsthand, interact with them in a hands-on setting, and explore further possibilities though dialog with the presenters. Research suggests that technology, when used effectively, can have a dramatic impact on student engagement and course outcomes (Schmid, 2008) but many faculty struggle with how to make sense of, and use, the sea of options available to them. This Symposium will give presenters and attendees a chance to experience firsthand how their colleagues and counterparts are using cutting-edge technologies to enhance their classrooms, and help illustrate the powerful possibilities afforded by technology in modern college classes.


  • Presenters will share their experiences, successes, failures, and best practices regarding the implementation of specific technologies in their classes. Presenters will also, when possible, demonstrate the technologies being discussed so as to give participants firsthand experience with how they work and how they can be utilized to foster greater engagement.
  • Attendees will engage with presenters to learn more about various technologies, ask questions about how the tools are used, and gain a deeper understanding of how they have led to increased student engagement and greater student success. Participants also will gain a better sense of how they might implement similar solutions in their own classes, based on the information from presenters and from their own hands-on experience with the technologies being discussed.

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Schedule June 27, 2018 - 010 Willard Hall, Oklahoma State University.

**A $10 fee will be due at the time of registration for all attendees. Presenters' registration fee will be paid for by ITLE.

Forms of payment are CWID, campus account/PO (Fund) or credit card P-Card cannot be used for this event.

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For additional information email ITLE Events or call 405-744-1000