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teaching and learning services

Who we are

The Teaching & Learning Support Department in the Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence aims to support faculty and enhance their teaching experience by helping them explore, understand, and use best practices in teaching and technology. Our team consists of people with rich backgrounds in teaching and technology. Together, we have the resources to assist faculty in their technical and pedagogical needs.

What we do

We offer support and training through a variety of methods from one-on-one consultations to large group workshops and six-week courses. Faculty from all colleges and disciplines at OSU take advantage of these opportunities as well as our extensive library of video tutorials and ITLE Live video broadcasts which, in conjunction with semester-long cohorts, help faculty and Graduate Assistants enrich their instructional practices.

Some of our services include:

  • Instructional Design

    ITLE’s Department of Teaching & Learning Support offers several services that assist faculty in designing and fostering engaging learning environments.


    Whether you are creating a new course or reviewing one already established, it is important to consider key components of your syllabus. Instructional designers are available to help you create a well-crafted syllabus.


    Mapping is a helpful tool for considering the overall vision of a particular course Instructional designers can facilitate this work by helping faculty articulate their course goals, align teaching methods with desired learning outcomes, and identify appropriate assessments.


    Instructors often want a statement of teaching philosophy for promotion and tenure documentation or for inclusion within a course syllabus. Teaching & Learning Support staff will serve as resources when faculty create such documents.


    Members of Teaching & Learning Support will gather and analyze student feedback on behalf of the faculty member. Information gleaned from this analysis provides instructors an avenue for making informed mid-term adjustments to a course.


    Resources related to teaching and learning, curricular development, and assessment are available through the ITLE professional library.


    In need of other types of support? Our department offers individual consultation. Contact Teaching & Learning Support and our team will work with you regarding any aspect of teaching and learning.


    The staff in the Department of Teaching and Learning Support provides numerous course observations and critiques to faculty each semester. The process includes an initial meeting between the faculty member and the staff member to determine the specific area(s) in which the faculty member is seeking assistance. Then, the staff member attends the class and takes notes regarding the faculty member’s ability to engage students in the lesson and help them succeed with the topic. Finally, the staff member provides the faculty member with a typewritten critique of the lesson during a face-to-face meeting.
    For more information, please contact Gina Morris, Kristi Dickey, or Simon Ringsmuth


    Contact Teaching & Learning Support by calling ITLE at (405) 744-1000 or email

Professional Development Programs

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Six-Week Workshop (SoTL)

    This six-week course is designed to inform faculty about the overall teaching and learning process. The course is offered online primarily, but faculty participate in two face-to-face meetings throughout the six-week period. The course exposes faculty to important educational learning theories, ways to engage and motivate students, effective pedagogical teaching practices, and various assessment and evaluation tools.
    For more information, please contact or

  • OSU Reads

    Each semester, 20 faculty participate in a monthly book reading series where they discuss chapters within a chosen text based on teaching and learning. Faculty share their own experiences and how they align with or refute the text. OSU Reads is limited to the first 20 people who sign up to participate.
    For more information, please contact Gina Morris or Kristi Dickey.

  • Preparing Online Instructors Six-Week Workshop (POI)

    POI is designed to assist faculty who are or will be teaching course online. Faculty enroll in the online course as a student and receive research-based best practices for teaching online. Faculty learn about establishing a positive online presence, the importance of forming student teams in online environments, and various ways to integrate videos and other pertinent technology to increase the clarity of an online course, to name a few. By the course’s end, faculty have a deeper understanding of learning online from a student’s perspective and a template for designing their own online course.
    For more information, please contact Simon Ringsmuth.

faculty teaching fellows

The Faculty Teaching Fellows consist of faculty from each college across campus who are committed to assisting faculty in becoming better teachers. Each FTF has received training on effective teaching practices with an emphasis on mentoring and coaching. Therefore, these individuals can assist their faculty colleagues by providing course observations and critiques, assessing course syllabi, and making presentations on effective teaching practices, to name a few.

Faculty Teaching Fellows Directory

Where to find us
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