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ITLE - Teaching & Learning Support

Oklahoma State University

Coffee Conversations
Charles Abramson

Personal Reflections on Course Evaluations
- Dr. Charles Abramson

Michael Rhone

Navigating the New Normal
- Dr. Michael Rhone

Brad Bays

Using Proctoring Services
- Dr. Brad Bays

Lyndi Gilliam

Keys to Retention
- Dr. Lyndi Gilliam

Bridget Miller

The Science of Persuasion
- Dr. Bridget M. Miller

Robert Terry

What are We Doing to Prepare Future Faculty to Teach?
- Dr. Robert Terry Jr.

Gretchen Cole-Lade

Let's Talk-Ideas for Making Lectures More Interactive
- Dr. Gretchen Cole-Lade

Mary Self

Top Three Lessons Learned by a Technology Novice
- Dr. Mary Jo Self

Ranjith Ramanathan

Teaching Through Storytelling
- Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan & Dr. Deb L. VanOverbeke

Jon Ramsey

The Teaching and Advising Connection
- Dr. Jon Ramsey

Jane Vogler

STEM Confidence & Competence
- Dr. Tyson Ochsner & Dr. Shane Robinson

Jane Vogler

Purposeful Discussions through Team-based Learning
- Dr. Jane Vogler

David Davis

Chaos Makes the Muse
- Dr. David Davis

Shane Robinson

The Four Basic Questions of Designing an Effective Lesson
- Dr. Shane Robinson