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Instructional Design Consultation

Instructional Design Consultation

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as these:

  • Why aren’t students completing the course readings?
  • How can I get students to participate more in class?
  • How do I know if students truly understand the course content?
  • Why are my end-of-course evaluations lower than I expected?

If so, an instructional design consultation might help you find the answers.

As an instructor, you have the ability to structure your course in ways that result in significant levels of student engagement and retention. This is achieved through instructional design—the careful consideration of course goals and the teaching methods that will most effectively promote students’ achievement of these goals. A well-designed course informs your instruction and makes learning feel easier for students.

ITLE instructional designers are available to help you with all aspects of instructional design, including generating learning outcomes using student-friendly language, considering teaching methodologies that increase student engagement, and constructing assessment tasks that truly assess student learning. This type of consultation is appropriate when designing a new course, transitioning from face-to-face teaching to online instruction, or when a previously taught course seems less successful than desired.

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