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ITLE - Teaching & Learning Support

Oklahoma State University

Online Teaching Workshop

Online Teaching Workshop

The ITLE Online Teaching Workshop is an intense and engaging two-week summer session in which faculty get a deep dive into several aspects of online learning with the goal of increasing their understanding and knowledge of internet-based courses. As students in this online-only workshop, Participants get firsthand experience for the type of online course environment that is becoming increasingly common on college campuses. There are two required modules that everyone must complete but the other modules offered give Participants a range of choice so they can complete work that is relevant to them, including such topics as:

  • Making Your Online Lectures More Effective
  • Using Course Maps to Create Effective Online Courses
  • Best Practices and Common Pitfalls of Online Education
  • Creating an Assignment and Assessment
  • Understanding Copyright and Intellectual property
  • Technology Tools for Online Educators
  • Increasing Student Engagement
  • Creating Online Tests

Participants will work independently while also sharing their thoughts and responses on discussion boards, both test-based and video-based, in order to dive deeper into the concepts and topics being explored. One realtime virtual meeting is held at the midpoint of the class to allow Participants an opportunity to engage with each other, discuss specific ideas, and explore the unique challenges of online learning.

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