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ITLE - Teaching & Learning Support

Oklahoma State University

Peer Review

** The structure provided below is one typically requested. However, adjustments are made willingly as meeting dates and times are determined based on individual and departmental needs.

Departmental Professional Development Offering:
Conducting Meaningful Peer Review

Teaching is a complex endeavor. The best university instructors continually reflect on their practice. participating in a process of peer review is one way for colleagues to support each other as they work toward more effective instructional approaches.

This series is especially beneficial for faculty interested in:

  • Examining teaching and learning within a specific course
  • Developing as a university instructor
  • Participating in a collegial dialogue pertaining to teaching

Participants should expect to attend a total of 120 minutes in face-to-face sessions with possible reading material beyond these times. Sessions are considered true WORKshops with attendees applying ideas to their respective field. The 120 minutes of face-to-face sessions are usually split into the two 60 minute sessions listed below.

  • WORKshop: Session One: Building the Foundation for Peer Review
  • WORKshop: Session Two: Facilitating the Peer Review Process

For additional information on this program please email or