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Preparing Online Instructors

Preparing Online Instructors

This six-week course for OSU instructors helps participants learn about and understand principles and best practices of online instruction. Covering a variety of topics such as Student Engagement, Technology Tools, Creating an Online Course Activity, Designing a Syllabus, Investigating Copyright and more, the class is designed to be a hands-on living laboratory in which participants learn from current research as well as each other to discover what works and what doesn't work in quality online instruction.

Preparing Online Instructors gives participants firsthand experience with what it's like to be an online student while also using the online medium to explore different topics each week. The class is fully online except for two meetings, one in the first week and one during the final week, and gives participants the opportunity to utilize technologies like online text and video discussions, virtual meetings, and realtime collaboration tools to work together and complete assignments. At the end of the course each Participant will have a more fully-developed sense of what he or she will need to create quality online instruction in his or her own discipline as well as a sense of what tools, technologies, strategies, and engagement methods he or she would like to utilize.

Participants also generate deliverables that are practical and applicable to their own teaching and professional development including a video reflection in which each participant records his or her own thoughts about several prompts relating to online education. This dynamic and interactive course has benefitted hundreds of instructors and staff over the years and continues to be an essential component to quality online instruction here at Oklahoma State University.

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