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ITLE - Teaching & Learning Support

Oklahoma State University

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

** The structure provided below is one typically requested. However, adjustments are made willingly as meeting dates and times are determined based on individual and departmental needs.

Departmental Professional Development Offering:
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This six-week hybrid course focuses on practical, researched-based teaching strategies for college instructors. Topics for exploration include student motivation and engagement, educational theory and practice, effective instructional design, active learning techniques, and assessment.

Each week, participants should expect to devote four to six hours on professional readings, assignments, and collaborative discussion board conversation. Additionally, this course requires attendance at two face-to-face sessions. Work in this course will directly apply to the classes instructors teach, and those successfully completing the course should expect to gain a comprehensive analysis of instructional strategies as well as the ability to articulate a professional teaching philosophy.

The two 120-minute face-to-face sessions are listed below.

  • Face-to-face Session One: Week one
  • Face-to-face Session Two: Week three

Online/Independent work will be in the interim.

For additional information on this program please email or