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Oklahoma State University

Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Service

Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism detection service licensed by Oklahoma State University. Submitted files can be checked against professional journals, webpages, and a database of previously submitted papers for potential plagiarism.

Brightspace Integration

Once Turnitin is enabled on a Brightspace Dropbox folder, any student submission can be automatically scored by Turnitin. For details on how to enable Turnitin, check out the videos in the Dropbox section of the Brightspace webpage.

Use outside of Brightspace

Instructors can submit papers directly to Turnitin without going through a Brightspace Dropbox. To do so requires a Turnitin account.

To get an account under OSU's license, submit a request for Turnitin account.

Once the account has been set up, you will receive an email from detailing how to activate your account.

Additional Features

Turnitin also provides a GradeMark feature on submitted files. GradeMark allows instructors to add notes and comments to a student's paper and record audio feedback, all of which can be reviewed by the student online.


Contact ITLE with any questions regarding Turnitin ( / 744-1000) or consult Turnitin's online Instructor Guides.