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Oklahoma State University


OSU instructors have access to the YouSeeU Videoconferencing platform thanks to its integration with the Brightspace LMS used on campus. This does not require any external accounts, logins, websites, or other software and is available to all faculty and students with no additional fees. Realtime videoconferencing can be used for any instructional environment whether traditional, hybrid, or fully online and is a good option for communicating with students and collaborating on projects when time and space do not allow for in-person meetings.

Individuals not familiar with the YouSeeU Virtual Classroom and how it is built in to Brightspace can watch the following video to get an idea of what the software does and how to enable it in a class within Brightspace: Video

After enabling the Virtual Classroom tool an instructor can schedule a videoconference session, and there are many different options available when setting this up which are explored in the following video: Video

The YouSeeU interface is similar to other platforms such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and Google Hangouts and gives instructors and students the ability to share screens, draw on virtual whiteboards, and use text-based chat. This video explains how to enable these and more features within a Virtual Classroom videoconference: Video