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AI Misuse Guidelines for Instructors



If instructors suspect students have violated academic integrity policies by misusing AI, they should address the issue promptly through education-focused conversations with the students. Having a conversation in person with the assumption of positive intent can set a collaborative tone until a violation is proven.


In a private discussion with another faculty or TA in the meeting, the instructor can discuss concerns with the student, explain questionable areas of submitted work, and listen openly to students' processes and reasoning. If suspicions remain after discussion, requiring students to redo assignments under supervision could provide clarity.


Ultimately, instructors should focus on using integrity violations as learning opportunities while fairly enforcing established academic conduct guidelines. Approaching the situation proactively, with a transparent conversation grounded in positive assumptions, can prevent confrontations, and promote ethical scholarship.


*Note that AI detectors have been found to be inaccurate for AI misuse. See the references below.

Here are practical steps to take when suspicion of unethical conduct is present.

  • Consult with other professors or TAs for their opinion on whether the assignment submission appears suspicious. They may have insight into the student's typical writing style and capabilities.
  • Speak with the student privately to discuss the concerns. Don't accuse but explain the specific areas that seem unusual and ask the student to explain their process and reasoning. Listen openly.
  • If the suspicion remains after discussing it with the student, request the student redo the assignment in a monitored setting, such as taking an oral exam on the material.
  • Make the academic integrity policies clear to the student regarding the consequences of AI misuse, such as failing the assignment or course. Focus on it as a learning opportunity.
  • If AI misuse is confirmed, enforce the academic integrity policies accordingly. Report any infractions to the proper channels per University Policy.
  • Consider updating assignment guidelines and policies to prohibit AI use if it is a recurring issue more explicitly. Explain limitations to students.

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Updated March 15, 2024

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