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Uploading files to the file manager


Instead of uploading files directly to Modules, it's best to upload them to the File Manager first. The File Manager interface is similar to that of a computer in that it utilizes a system of nested folders that contain files, and items can be organized similar to a computer as well. Files can be uploaded to the File Manager via simple drag-and-drop.


Advanced features of the file manager

The Canvas File Manager allows you to download files or folders, rename items, move items, and delete items. Files and folders can be moved to other locations via drag-and-drop. The file browser can be used to show files as well as expand and collapse folders. All My Files can be used to show every file across all courses that an instructor has access to.


Updating a file with a revised version

When re-using files from one semester to another, information like dates and meeting locations will need to be updated. Instructors can use the File Manager to upload revised versions of documents as long as the filename remains unchanged.


File Restrictions

 Instructors can set restrictions on files (and entire folders) which make them invisible to students or released only during a specified time period. Also, disabling the Files option from the navigation menu is a good way to ensure that only files loaded into Modules, Assignments, etc. are visible to students.


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