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OSU has partnered with Examity to provide auto-proctoring for online final exams at no charge to the student. Examity may also be used to proctor exams, at the student’s cost, in other situations including for make-up exams for students who are ill, are in self-isolation, or have other conditions impacting their ability to attend class in person. In these situations, the students will be charged for the auto-proctoring service unless the faculty, department or college make arrangements with ITLE who will handle the billing process for proctoring. Fully online courses may also use Examity to proctor their online exams at the student’s cost


Please note that when setting up an exam it will not show same day. The course will show instantly after you click the Examity link for the first time, but the exams and students will not show right away. A nightly import will update the exams and students. 


Faculty can follow the directions in the Proctoring Guide to set up their online exams. An Examity Webinar video is also available. Follow these instructions to add Examity to your Canvas site.



Free or Low Cost Internet

Link Description
EveryoneOn Connect2Compete (C2C) is EveryoneOn’s flagship program for K-12 students and provides affordable internet service to qualifying families. C2C is offered in partnership with leading cable companies including Cox Communications and Mediacom.
Access from AT&T New participants who qualify will receive two free months of service. Those who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), National School Lunch (NSLP) or Head Start programs or who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are eligible.
Charter Communications Charter Communications, Inc. is providing free Spectrum Internet – with speeds up to 200 Mbps in most markets – and WiFi access for 60 days to households with K-12th graders, college students and/or educators. To enroll, new customers can call 844-310-1198 and a free self-installation kit will be provided. 

Lockdown BrowserLockdown browser settings

Examity has a lockdown browser feature to prevent students from accessing other sites during exams. Instructors need select that as an option when setting up the exam.


Examity Lockdown Browser Feature Guide


Types of Proctoring

Auto-proctoring is an automated process where students follow computer-based steps to verify their identity (showing their id), show their testing space, then take the test while being recorded. The recording is automatically audited for inappropriate movement, sound and light; any questionable activity is flagged for the faculty to review. The video is also reviewed by Examity staff within 48 hours. Tests using auto-proctoring must be created in Canvas’s Quizzes feature. Auto-proctored exams CAN be scheduled for a specific time for an entire class.student using computer


Live-proctoring uses an Examity proctoring staff who verifies the student’s identity, views the testing space (and may request the student clear the room of debris), provides access to the exam, leaves the student, and then observes the student during the exam. While a full recording is not provided, the proctor will take screen shots of any inappropriate behaviors or events. Tests using live-proctoring may be created in Canvas’s Quizzes feature or be paper-pencil format. Because live proctoring requires an Examity staff to manage the process, exams must be given a 24 hour window to be taken by students.



* Testing issues experienced by students are most frequently due to failure to test their technology and unfamiliarity with the Examity process. Having students complete an Examity practice exam prior to the first exam will ensure that they have adequate technology and internet capacity. Faculty should confirm that students complete the practice exam. This will help reduce problems during the exams.


To successfully complete a proctored exam, students must have access to a quiet room in which to complete the exam, high speed internet, and a computer that will load the Examity extension (they must use the latest version of the Google Chrome browser). If they don’t have all these elements, students will not be able to successfully complete an online exam with proctoring and will need accommodations


Cost of Examity and Billing

The proctoring cost per test for Examity Automated Standard is $5.00 and for Live Premium is $17.25 for the first hour plus $7 for additional hours. All exams using Examity proctoring during Finals week will be billed to the college. Students using Examity for exams prior to the finals week will be billed to their Bursar account for the proctoring costs unless arrangements are made by the faculty and/or department with ITLE prior to the test date.


Please be cautious when setting your appointments. You may be charged for incomplete and no-show sessions. A no-show is defined as when students do not make any connection to their proctor and miss their appointment. Incompletes can occur when student technical requirements are not met. There is a $5 fee for scheduling within 24 hours and a $5 fee for cancelling a scheduled session within 24 hours. Students are responsible for their appointment times. Please be sure to review the confirmation page and scheduling confirmation email to assure the date and time are the desired time. 


If you wish to use Examity to proctor any tests prior to finals, please send an email to with the following information no later than two weeks before the exam:


  • Instructor Name
  • Course prefix/name and CRN
  • Date and time/time range of test
  • Proctoring level (auto/$5 or live/$17.25)
  • List of department, college, campus office or students who will be billed



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