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Teaching Online


Online courses, when designed thoughtfully, can be highly effective and engaging for students. Even with a short-term shift to teaching a course online, instructors can plan high quality instruction. To accomplish this, it is helpful to think about key elements of learning as you prepare your instruction.

  1. What are your objectives for the time you will be teaching online? In other words, what do you want your students to learn? Once you know this, it will help you determine what ways you want to teach and what learning experiences you want to design for your students. View Expectations & Objectives and Course Design Mechanics for additional information.
  2. What student learning activities did you have planned and how can you translate those to the online environment? The university adopted Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas has many features that can support active student learning including Discussions, Studio, and Collaborations.
  3. Determine the instructional methods you wish to use to deliver the content. For example, you can use the Studio feature to create short lectures or provide special readings for students. You might wish to add an activity to engage the students in the content like a discussion or learning task. View Using Videos for additional information.
  4. Decide how you want to assess students’ learning. Just like in face-to-face classes, we often use short activities or quizzes to see if students understood the lesson. Canvas has features like Quizzes to help you do this. Or you can plan an activity the students must complete and upload to Canvas for you to review.
  5. Use asynchronous teaching approaches when appropriate.
  6. Use Canvas and its many features to deliver your course.
  7. Communicate with your students promptly and effectively. Provide clear, detailed instructions and prompt feedback for assignments.
Tutorial Videos and Guides (For additional Canvas tutorial videos visit our Canvas page.)
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