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How do I increase storage space?

Be sure that you are housing video and audio files in Studio where storage is not an issue. That will free up space within your personal Canvas storage.


How can I conduct asynchronous discussions with my students?

You can pose open-ended questions within the "discussions" feature of Canvas. Students can then respond to you and classmates via text or short video.

Discussions in Canvas


How can I conduct synchronous discussions with my students?

There are a variety of tools you can use for videoconferencing. However, as you might expect, with so many universities moving online, some tools are struggling to keep up. Because of this, we offer several options. Zoom looks like a good option. The software can be used directly or accessed through Canvas. You can also use the Microsoft Teams through Canvas which has audio, video, and text chat capabilities. This video shows you how to create a meeting in Canvas using Microsoft Teams. Finally, you might want to use Skype for Business. You can find Skype for Business in your Microsoft apps.


I usually use the document camera in class. How can I simulate that online?

You likely want to use a whiteboard app. There is a whiteboard feature within Zoom, which can be used directly or accessed via Canvas. However, you might also like to use an app such as Explain EverythingScreencast-O-Matic, or Snagit. Each of these options will allow you to write/work problems/draw diagrams, etc. on a tablet in order to share with students.


How can I engage students using online instruction in ways similar to my face-to-face course?

The University of Illinois-Springfield has a wealth of ideas in their Online Instructional Activities Index. If you use debate, concept mapping, or case studies (or other similar strategies) in your face-to-face class and want to continue in a similar manner online, this resource will tell you how.


My students work in groups. How can I facilitate that in an online setting?

You can create student groups within Canvas. You can also use the Zoom tool in Canvas to communicate with these small groups. Similarly, you can create a meeting using Microsoft Teams and allow small groups of students to join.


I normally teach using a PowerPoint presentation. How can I do that online?

It is actually reasonably easy to translate this type of instruction to an online setting. ITLE has a brief video about recording a PowerPoint lecture that will show you exactly how to do this. The video also shows you how to upload the video into Canvas so that your students can access it.


How do I improve the quality of the video in Studio?

The lower quality version of a video can be transcoded much quicker than the higher quality versions and thus become available first. Higher quality versions of the video will become available over time as the servers transcode them.


How can I get my videos to upload or process faster in Studio?

Studio prioritizes processing shorter videos. To minimize time spent on uploading and processing videos, make individual videos 10-15 minutes in length and record longer presentations as a series of short, 10-15 minute segments.

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